culture2The Mouthpeace Consulting organizational roadmap consists of two powerful assessments that measure organizational communication and culture respectively. The organizational communication analysis visually depicts the information pathways in an organization, showing the linkages between individuals and work teams and yielding a list of the organization’s most influential formal and informal leaders. The communication analysis answers questions like: Which parts of your organization are most connected? Which parts are on the outskirts and in danger of routinely being out of the loop? Who are the vital connectors bridging two or more parts of your company that otherwise wouldn’t be connected? Which parts of your organization have robust links out to other parts of the organization? Are there any teams with a scarcity of outgoing links where you need them to have more connections, and so on.

The organizational culture analysis measures and reveals your company’s culture by asking employees to evaluate the relative importance of values like teamwork, rule-orientation, and innovation that have been well-documented as distinct organizational values. The results from the culture assessment measure consensus (agreement) & conviction (strength) around each value. When complete, the assessment answers questions like: Which are our most strongly held core values? How widespread is the agreement on these values? Do we have a weak or a strong culture? Which parts of your company believe in core values that aren’t shared in other parts of the organization? What does the leadership team believe are your company’s core values? How much & how strong is the agreement? Does the rest of your company agree, and so on.

The combination of both analyses into an organizational roadmap reveals a vivid description of your organization’s functionality and highlights precise areas where managerial attention could make an enormous positive difference. The organizational roadmap galvanizes dozens of actionable insights from company leaders and serves as an indispensable focal point for organizational change and renewal efforts. Call Rebecca Henley at (800) 586-1609 x 701 or email her at to discuss an organizational roadmap for your company.