facilitation2The more important the meeting, the easier it can go offtrack. That’s because humans suffer from a counterproductive tendency to overweight emotions when the stakes are high. The result? Discussions that are prone to combustion precisely when effective communication could do the most good. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you have a looming problem that is going unaddressed, if your previous attempts to discuss an issue have resulted in conversations that made things worse, or if you have an important upcoming gathering, or if you simply want to, facilitation from Mouthpeace Consulting will help your stakeholders tap their best ideas and intentions, even when the stakes are high. If the conversation matters, spend a few dollars and hire someone with the training and experience to bring out the best in conversations. Call Rebecca Henley at (800) 586-1609 x 701 or email her at rhenley@mouthpeaceconsulting.com today.