Difficult EmployeeIs one of your rock stars acting like one? Do you have an employee whose interpersonal behavior is driving you crazy? Maybe the employee is a star performer with customers, but a tyrant with coworkers. Or perhaps it’s someone you are very reluctant to fire—you have your reasons—but you know you’re at the point where something has to be done. Or maybe an employee’s behavioral quirks—which weren’t such a big deal before—have recently become much worse or much more visible. Whatever the reason, when you’ve finally had enough of the drama, difficult employee coaching will help you definitively determine if a problematic employee can and will change.

Difficult employee coaching is either direct (led by us) or indirect (led by you, with our guidance). You only pay full price if your difficult employee changes the problematic behavior over the long term (one or two years; you pick the time horizon). When your employee can’t or won’t change, the coaching fails very quickly, the cost is marginal, and you get immediate clarity about the rehabilitative potential of your employee.

Stop beating your head against the wall about a difficult employee. People change for the better all the time. And sometimes all the help in the world won’t extinguish a problematic behavior. Find out which case you are dealing with today. Email us or call (800) 586-1609 to learn more about difficult employee coaching.