Company Change Initiatives

Are you worried that your company needs a boost? In the immortal words of Vanilla Ice: You got a problem, yo, we’ll solve it. You aren’t alone when something goes wrong at work. Our consultants help teams locate their misplaced mojo, help organizations get their groove back.


OMG, do we love to measure things. Want to know what your culture really is? Interested in uncovering your most influential informal leaders? Need help gathering data on a tough organizational problem? Please, please call us, because we really want to measure it.

Communication Skills Classes

Are your people having trouble with difficult messages? Not persuading clients effectively enough? Spending too much time bickering? Opportunities slipping away? The good news is that a little communication skills training can make a big difference in the digital age.

Difficult Employee Coaching

Do you have an employee whose interpersonal behavior is driving you crazy? Maybe the employee is a star performer with customers, but a tyrant with coworkers. Or perhaps it’s someone you are very reluctant to fire—you have your reasons—but you know you’re at the point where something has to be done.

Meeting Facilitation and Team Facilitation

Feel like you’ve been herding cats and dogs and gerbils lately? Having trouble making progress on a difficult conversation or gaining momentum on a thorny problem? Don’t let the zoo keep you down any longer. Call one of our expert facilitators to help you and your team get unstuck.

Executive Team Building

Our comparative advantage is simple: We never waste your time. When we gather leadership teams, the sessions are informative, organizationally relevant, and fun. Yes, we said the f-word. Why shouldn’t time spent with some of the most important people in your company be fun?


What a wealth of practical experience and insights Mouthpeace Consulting provides to improve interpersonal relationships.

Kathy Whitmore
Former mayor of Houston and former board member of the New York Stock Exchange

Mouthpeace Consulting helped us find workable solutions in places that had previously been knotted with problems.

Brandon Berryman
CEO All-Pro Auto Reconditioning

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