Most team building sessions bring teams together around only one thing: 100% agreement that the session was a waste of time. Our team building sessions are different because we actually help teams gel and become more cohesive. The way we do this is simple: Our sessions provide novel and usable insights about the team and the people in it that can help business professionals be more cohesive and effective immediately.

We don’t do ropes courses because they are irrelevant to the work that executives do. We don’t do trust falls because they are silly, and we don’t ask our participants to play leadership twister because there are much more effective—and important—things that can be done to bring a team together.


  • talking about everything that’s good about the team and the people on it…and having data to support it.
  • candidly, but civilly discussing tensions that are getting in the way of desired performance.
  • talking about the strengths of the team and exploring what’s in front of it.
  • thoughtfully revisiting stalled goals, mishandled opportunities, or ruffled feathers.


  • We work with good teams that want to be great.
  • We help solid teams become stronger, strong teams become more resilient, and excellent teams keep striving.
  • We work with teams that are struggling, bickering, underperforming, or even, occasionally, in outright mutiny. These teams can’t become great overnight, but we can stop the damage from its escalatory doom loop, and we can almost always begin the process of restoring and rebuilding trust.


  • Leaders and managers looking to improve the communication within and the performance of their work teams.
  • Leaders who want to increase team bonding, team cohesion, and bring teams together.
  • Teams that need to pull together quickly to achieve big goals.
  • Senior leaders who need their management team firmly behind them in support of an important organizational change.
  • New leaders, managers on the vanguard of organizational change, and teams that just want to be a bit better, more productive, and more harmonious in their daily work.
  • Leaders who are struggling with team members who don’t get along.
  • Teams that are divided.
  • Teams that are feuding.


  • One session is usually sufficient to re-energize and redirect a team. When team conflict is particularly acute, additional sessions spread over time is often effective. Our goals are to get your teams working together more effectively, to get them focused on positive outcomes, and to identify and eliminate any potentially counterproductive team issues.


  • Your team will learn dozens of insights about the group and everyone in it.
  • Your team will be more cohesive, more motivated to achieve team goals, and better equipped to lead their subordinates with a renewed focus and energy.


  • No two of our sessions are ever the same, because no two teams are identical. But in our team building sessions we often use relevant assessments to unlock insights, we often do useful exercises to lock-in key learning points, and we always keep constant tabs on the insights that are being generated.
  • Because the insights will come, with no strings—or ropes courses!—attached. And when people discover new and meaningful insights about the people they work with on a regular basis, that’s how cohesion occurs, bonding increases, and teams get stronger and more resilient. And that’s how a team building session can actually succeed at its primary task: bringing people together.
  • Our team building sessions can isolate root causes of team dysfunction and begin correcting it. Our team building sessions help facilitate the kinds of candid discussions that enable meaningful progress on sensitive team issues and problems that have previously eluded attempts at a solution.

You don’t need a ropes course or a game of leadership twister to bring your group together. Get them talking the right way and the team building takes care of itself. Call Rebecca Henley at (800) 586-1609 x 701 or email her at to discuss a group experience that fuses new and meaningful insights with what’s happening in your company. At Mouthpeace Consulting, we do team building that works.