commo2Most communication training is insulting because it assumes you are an interpersonal klutz and because it ignores the digital revolution. Newsflash to our competitors: the digital communication revolution of the past 15 years profoundly changed how people communicate, and people who want communication training aren’t stupid.

Perhaps the biggest way that we’re different from other communication companies is that Mouthpeace Consulting was created to help people harness the amazing potential of the digital communication revolution while minimizing the distortions and unintended consequences of a world flooded with messages, distractions, and communication choices.

Don’t tolerate training that’s a rehash of cliches from ideas that weren’t original or relevant even in the disco 70s. Communication has changed remarkably in the past 15 years, but most of the training you can buy is still wears bell bottoms and assumes that a mouse has whiskers. Call Rebecca Henley at (800) 586-1609 x 701 or email her at for training that was born and lives in the digital age.