Have you ever watched the movie Office Space, read a Dilbert comic strip, or seen Homer complain about his job on The Simpsons? Problems at work can be funny when the story line is fictional, but real work issues are an entirely different matter.

In reality, problems at work cause anxiety, frustration, and a drop in our productivity. Trouble at work demotivates and demoralizes. But the good news is that improvements at work—when a company makes real strides in addressing organizational issues—are enormously invigorating and consequential. Few things bring energy and optimism back to an organization and its employees like addressing and resolving workplace issues.

And that’s what we do at Mouthpeace Consulting. We help organizations improve by working with companies to identify, address, and resolve underlying problems that are negatively impacting the organization.

At Mouthpeace Consulting, we work hard to keep organizational dysfunction squarely in the realm of TV fiction. We help real people and real companies succeed.

Our People

Many companies offer communication training. We are different because all of our instructors have Ph.D.’s from top-ranked universities, they are all award-winning teachers, and every Mouthpeace instructor has spent at least a decade engaged in writing and thinking about topics directly related to human communication at the highest possible levels.

The Ph.D. guarantees many things. Read more.
First, it guarantees that you are not getting an accidental instructor—Ph.D.’s from top-tier universities are not happenstance. Second, a Ph.D. ensures that when you ask questions, you get answers—not opinions. There is a huge body of scholarly knowledge about human communication and Mouthpeace instructors have an in-depth understanding of this information and can translate the science into practice for you. Third, the fact that every Mouthpeace instructor has won teaching awards from great universities ensures that you are getting someone who has been recognized for excellence in the teaching and development of their students—you are getting someone who knows how to make knowledge meaningful, practical, and relevant.
Geoffrey Tumlin
Consultant and CEO

  • Ph.D. and M.A. in communication from UT Austin. B.S. from West Point.
  • Teaches and consults widely throughout North America; writing has appeared in journals, textbooks, and newspapers.
  • Former Assistant Director of Center for Ethical Leadership at UT Austin; infantry officer in Hawaii’s 25th Infantry Div.
Cindi Baldi
Consultant and Lead Data Scientist

  • Ph.D. in organizational behavior from the University of Texas at Austin. M.S. in Management and MBA from UT Austin. B.S. in business from UNC Wilmington.
  • Entrepreneur and business adviser.
  • Researches and writes about organization identity and attractiveness.
Sean Lux

  • Clinical Professor in the Department of Management at Texas Tech University.
  • Ph.D. in management from Florida State University. MBA from Univ. of South Florida.
  • Serves as entrepreneurial advisor for numerous start-ups, and as a business advisor for established for-profit organizations.
Amy Schmisseur

  • Ph.D. in communication from UT Austin.
  • Formerly Professor at University of Kansas.
  • M.A. from U. Cincinnati. B.A., with honors, from Ohio Univ.
  • Won top teaching awards at UT Austin.
  • Has repeatedly earned top honors for academic writing from the National Communication Association.
Hector Diaz Saenz

  • Associate Professor at Egade Business School in Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Ph.D. in communication from UT Austin.
  • M.S. in Administration, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico.
  • Former Director of Business Programs at the EGADE Business School, Monterrey.
Jodi Lisa Ondrusek

  • Ph.D. and M.A. in advertising from UT Austin. B.A. in marketing from UTSA.
  • Worked for organizations of all shapes and sizes throughout United States in marketing and advertising.
  • Extensive expertise in persuasive marketing pitches and viral marketing campaigns.
Rebecca Henley
Director of Operations

  • B.A. in economics from UT Austin.
  • Extensive marketing and operational experience
  • Coordinates all business operations, manages internal processes, and supervises external outreach.

A portion of all profits from Mouthpeace Consulting goes to Critical Skills Nonprofit, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Critical Skills Nonprofit was created because some of the people who need training the most are often the least able to pay for it. Critical Skills Nonprofit provides the highest quality communication and leadership skills training to chronically underserved populations.